TI-DE-B’AM TWEENS   |   10ish-14ish year olds

 Thursdays, 4:00-6:00 pm

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Unite kids from the whole valley--- Go Ti (Titans) De (Demons) B’ (Bears) ams (Rams)!!! Tween is the perfect title for your soon to be teen! Let them Create! hands-on projects to fulfill that magical kid-part of themselves, and during the exploration, their teenage need to socialize and express opinions with friends will be met, as well.  The six week Ti-De-B’am Tweens workshop blends the silly and social needs of tweens, nurtures and inspires their creativity, and provides a positive place for them to belong and build confidence. Our desire is to unite the valley’s teens and build a strong community of solution centered kids. The arts inspire kids to think outside the box and creatively solve problems.  Be a part of the unified front! On to sustenance-- a healthy snack and probiotic drink is included!

Provided: a probiotic kombucha drink and healthy snack (big 8 allergy free)

Take home: a refreshed, art-inspired kid!

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