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Tweens: The Art of Knowing Who You Are

Tweens: the age of discovery or the art of knowing who you are?

Called "Symbols of Self;" this project asks students to collage nouns-- proper and common-- representing who they are, what they love, experiences that shape them, things that give them courage, and/or accomplishments achieved.

What I love-- they are sooooo quick to complete their brainstorm lists!!! They have 10+ items in less than a minute. Easy, right!?!

What I wonder-- what happens in the next couple years? Ask a teen the same question; the list is shorter, takes longer, and is vague, at best. If in a class setting, they look to their friends, almost immediately. While it isn't ever bad to lean on a friend, with the proper opportunities, teens should still be able to make a list of items that define them.

Solution??? I'm not a 'tween genius,' but if we make a dedicated effort to emphasize and ask tweens to define what they do well, perhaps they will grasp onto that positivity as they drift off into the 'teenage wasteland'... it just could be their life-ring.

This image is in the middle of the project, but I found it striking. I'll keep updating as the class continues!


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