Cookies-n-Canvas Kids Art Classes

 Be bold, free, and creative kids!  Art allows kids to solve real world problems creatively, gives them a voice which builds confidence, and brings joy!  Students are encouraged to see the world through an artist’s eye as they contemplate color theory and the effects of choosing various values, lines, shading, textures, and space to create a piece they are proud of.  The kids will explore classic painting techniques before applying them on canvas with their unique and artistic vision!  The class is flexible in teaching the skills suited for artists of any skill level.   As with all of our classes or workshops, a healthy probiotic drink  is included to bubble up our boisterous class.

Bring: Clothes for creating 

Provided: a probiotic kombucha drink or juice and a healthy snack

Take home: an art-inspired kiddo and rejuvinated parents

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