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Welcome to Create! Art and Essence in Glenwood Springs. We inspire creativity with art and brew for all ages and abilities.  Our purpose is to provide a place to inspire a creative spirit, to have fun, to socialize, to learn with the imagination, to live in health and balance, and to build community with beauty.

Inspiration   -   Creativity   -   Effervescence   -  Community   -   Beauty

Adults, Kids & Families

Adults classes are evenings and weekends; topics include: crafting, making natural living products, learning from local artists and health advocates, painting and wine night, and rooftop view open paint.  

Kids classes are after school on weekdays, and on Sunday afternoons. Sunday Funday is for the whole fam to get creative! Hands-on learning gives kids the gift of imaginative thinking, discipline, exploration, and the tools to succeed in many environments in the future.  

'Dancing Ferns' Paint and Sip in Glenwood Springs
Ti'De'B'am Tween Kids Art Classes in Glenwood Springs
'Undulating' DIY Healthy Living Class in Glenwood Springs
Crazy Cactus Tweens Kids Art Classes
Jay Today Card for DIY Healthy Living Classes
'A Birch Tree Show'  Kids Art classes for kids
Create! Kids Workshops Inpire Creativity
'Mayan Sunshine' made by kids at the Create! Art Center
Celebrate the Legend  Fandom on Canvas
Going Home Kids Art Classes
Create! Art & Essence Studio at 823 Grand Avenue, Suite 120 Glenwood Springs, CO
'Swimming with Primary Colors'  Birthday Parties at Create!



Art is our passion!

We have always mentored kids: as teachers and coaches in public, private,  and homeschools. The spark-- the look on a kid's face-- it's a blend of pride, relief, courage, and curiosity. That's what keeps my family of teachers serving their communities.  Next comes trust and faith-- that kid believes in you-- from then on, they know you have their best interest at heart. And it's true; we always do-- which is why we started Create! Art and Essence. We wanted to create a sanctuary where creative expression befriends, builds community, inspires, and is fun!

In our combined 90 years of experience, we've learned a thing or two about what motivates people. To be fulfilled, people--young or old-- need this trio: a challenged mind, an impassioned heart,  creative hands. People need all three to be centered (uplifted).

Creating art elevates the mind, body, and spirit. We have have witnessed this phenomenon. A boost in confidence, a bridge to understanding, a deepening in skill mastery. Art can be a friend, it can be soul centering, bring happiness, unite people, or just an evening of fun!


"Art washes from the soul
the dust of everyday life."
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