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Please contact us to schedule your event!

Unleash your team’s potential at Create!  Stimulate teamwork and inspire solutions for your company's vision. Collaboration is the focus of our provocative team building session.  


We design a hands-on, fun experience that will suit your needs, whether it’s breaking the ice with a new team, invigorating an existing group, improving communication, decorating a new office, celebrating a holiday or corporate anniversary, launching a new product, incentivizing a sales event, or simply for fun!  


After the session, the unique artwork created is yours: consider presenting it to a charity or your favorite non-profit, or as an exhibition in your office.  Your team members will gaze upon it with a smile every time they pass by!

Pricing Guideline: As each event is created specifically for you, we do not have a set price list or time frame.  Please contact us for a list of our unifying projects. Peruse them, and keep in mind we will tailor a unique and memorable session for your team.  The event’s cost is determined after an itinerary is set for your event. Sessions with a combination of activities for approximately two hours with 15 or more people are based upon $40 a person, which includes the instruction, standard painting supplies, and in-house kombucha or elixirs.  Additional charges may apply for requested projects, drinks, or catering from Native Son. A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your event’s date and time. The balance of your event is due two weeks prior to the event’s date. Please get in touch to Create! your event and begin the artistic journey of building your team with creativity.

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