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It's time for exploration and art!!  Create!-ing hands-on art projects is an A+ way to learn about history!  The six-week workshops in the History Through Art Series focus on early American History where kids will discover American history projects that teach of the Early Americas, its people, customs, and culture.  Three time periods are emphasized, each with its own six-week workshop: Exploration, Colonial Life, and Liberty. Like the explorers of the past,  kids will seek treasures within themselves as they learn about the character needed to tackle the challenges of the times.  Kids practice various elements of art as they paint Viking ships, find buried treasure, use Colonial spices as art, build native dwellings, sew flags, and more. Beware! They could encounter Pirates along the way!    As with all of our classes or workshops, a healthy probiotic drink  is included to bubble up our boisterous class.

Bring: Clothes for creating 

Provided: a probiotic kombucha drink or juice and a healthy snack

Take home: an art-inspired kiddo and rejuvinated parents

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